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Dell's colorful Zino HD nettops get spec'd, priced

by on11 November 2009


AMD all the way

Dell has
shed more light on its new Zino HD nettop series. You might go for the cheerful, eye-catching design, but what really sets the Zino HD apart from regular run of the mill nettops is its AMD CPU/IGP combo.

While most nettops use Intel's Atom CPUs and Intel's horrid IGPs, Dell opted for AMD's energy efficient Athlons and a choice of integrated HD 3200 graphics or a discrete HD 4330. The entry level SKU is powered by a 1.6GHz Athlon 2650e, has 2GB of DDR2 memory, a 320GB hard drive and a DVD burner. You also get eSATA, HDMI, 5 USB ports and WiFi in some SKUs.


It should sell for €329, which sounds pretty competitive. In the Intel world, you can get an Atom N270 with Nvidia ION graphics for roughly the same cash.

If you want more, you can get a 1.8GHz dual-core CPU, HD 4330 graphics with 512MB of memory, more RAM and more storage, Blu-ray and a bunch of less important goodies. However, if you go all out, the price can climb to more than €900 which doesn't sound very reasonable. Nettops should be cheap and the basic €329 SKU is the one to go for.

On another note, tt's really quite odd that so few vendors are offering AMD-based nettops. We'd go for for a K8 rather than an Atom any time of the day.
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