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Danamics prepares a new LMX CPU cooler

by on28 October 2009


Liquid metal cooler

More than a year has passed since the launch of Danamics' first liquid metal based LM10 CPU cooler that was too expensive and not that impressive, but now Danamics is back with a new one dubbed the LMX.

To be honest, the new LMX looks like a winner and much better than the LM10, as this time, it looks like Danamics has learned from its first crack at this market. The new LMX has 158.2x170.5x90mm (LxHxD) dimensions and weighs 1180grams. It comes with nickel-plated aluminum heatsink, nickel covered copper tubes, integrated electro-magnetic pump in order to get that liquid metal to circulate and two SilenX fluid dynamic 120mm LED fans that are spinning at 2000RPM with maximum sound output of 28.6dBA.

The new LMX supports Intel's LGA 775, 1156, 1366 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3 processors, Danamics PowerBooster and will be shipped with high-quality thermal compound.

Unlike the LM10, which was sold at €280, the new LMX will have a significantly lower price tag set at €159, which still sounds like a lot of money for a CPU cooler unless it proves to be quite a performer.

You can check out more about Danamics LMX at this cool preview site here.


Last modified on 28 October 2009
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