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Llano Fusion reference design is Torpedo

by on23 October 2009


It better be

AMD wants to position Llano, its first Fusion product as a part of mainstream platform with codename Sabine. Sabine should replace Danube platform at some point in 2011.

its reference design is called Torpedo and we certainly hope that this processor can justify this quite ambitious name.

This platform is not planned before Q2 2011, so we are still quite far away, but in the meantime, in Q2 2010, AMD plans to launch its Danube platform that should get refreshed dual and quad core K10.5 with better power consumption into 2010 notebooks.

Unfortunately Phenom II & Athlon II on steroids won't be enough to fight Intel's Core i5 and Core i7, Lynnfield 45nm quad and Clarkdale 32nm combination.
Last modified on 23 October 2009
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