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Llano supports DX11, USB3.0

by on23 October 2009


In 2011

biggest notebook hope comes in 2011, and the specification of this first Fusion, CPU and GPU part looks rather impressive. The bad thing is that the dual-core CPU is still based on a tweaked Phenom core, with some improvements especially on the power side. We expect that the CPU part will look pretty much like a new revision of K10.5 45nm dual-core that is scheduled for Q2 2010.

The other part of the AMD's Fusion product called Llano includes DirectX 11 class graphics, probably something very similar to Park mainstream mobile GPU based on Evergreen. The TDP of this discrete chip should vary between 8W and 15W and in Llano this TDP is likely to be lower. The DX11 Evergreen class integrated GPU brings support for UVD 3.0 video engine.

The memory of choice supported is DDR3 1600MHz as GPU part will need some fast access to the memory. The southbridge codename Hudson M2 will also get USB 3.0 support, 4X PCIe, 6 SATA with RAID and CIR as well as the clock generator.

Notebooks equipped with Llano CPU-GPU fall under AMD's Sabine platform that is expected in 2011, most likely late 2011 rather than early.
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