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Beware of Apple worm

by on14 July 2007


Says Panda


It looks like the iPhone hype is being used by some unscrupulous and greedy people to make money, and no, I'm not talking about Apple.

Glendale based PandaLabs claims that buying an iPhone could end up costing you a lot more than you expect. If your computer is infected with the Aifone.Abot Trojan, buying Apple's new toy might in fact cost you your bank card balance and savings.

The cyber crook scheme is pretty simple, and we've seen it before. An infected PC will be redirected to a spoof page and the unsuspecting user will give his or hers bank details to criminals. PandaLabs claims it has uncovered a  tool that controls a botnet made up of over 7,500 zombie computers infected by the Aifone.A bot Trojan.

For details visit PandaLabs, here.



Last modified on 14 July 2007
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