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Asus intros USB-powered Blu-ray drive

by on23 September 2009


Would look nice next to an Eee Box

Asus has
recently launched an external Blu-ray drive powered solely by a humble USB cable. We sort of missed it when it came out, but decided it's worth mentioning anyway.

The ASUS SBC-04D1S-U is a rather stylish device, and the fact that you don't need an AC adapter makes it practical too. It reads Blue-ray at 4.8x speed, while DVDs can be accessed at up to 8x. Also, it ships with a program that supposedly improves USB performance, although we wouldn't speculate on the level of dubiousness of this claim.


It would look nice next to a black Eee Box, but it would also be rather pointless, as most Eee Box SKUs can't handle HD. Its biggest drawback, however, is the massive $199 price tag, which will probably scare off most consumers.

You can find the product page here.



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