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Syria blocks Facebook

by on16 September 2009


We want our mountains back

Shortly after
Facebook allowed residents of the Golan Heights to enter Israel as their country of residence, Syria blocked the social networking site altogether.

Depending on who you ask, the Golan Heights were either occupied or liberated by Israel in 1967, but de iure they are still Syrian territory, although some groups in Lebanon also claim a small chunk of land belongs neither to Syria or Israel, but cedar loving Lebanon.

Until now, residents of the occupied territory were not allowed to use Israel as their place of residence, and they had to opt for Syria or leave the box blank like most people do anyway.

It seems Syrian surfers are easily bypassing the government block and accessing the site anyway. Some observers believe the government was merely looking for an excuse to ban Facebook, after it realized it could be spread dissent, much like in neighboring Iran.

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