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Xbox 360 chatpad in September

by on11 July 2007

Only $29.99

Some more information about the thumb board for the Xbox 360 has appeared and it has been given an official name, the Chatpad. It will launch in the US on the 4th of September and will cost $29.99.

The Chatpad will be a part of the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, as it comes with a new headset, as the normal Xbox 360 headset won't work when you're using the Chatpad as its using the same interface as the headset.

You'll finally be able to chat with your Xbox Live friends thumb board style, although we'll reserve our verdict until we get to try one and see how accurate it is, as thumb boards like this are rarely that great to type on. At least the keys are backlit, so it should be quite easy to see them even in a dark room.

In related news, Microsoft will be releasing a pink, dark blue and light blue version of the Xbox 360 controller.

You can find some basic information about the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit here


Last modified on 11 July 2007
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