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Apple appears to be recovering fast

by on02 July 2009


Mac sales doing better than PCs

The tame
Apple press has been spinning a yarn that Apple's are replacing PCs as the hardware market comes out of recession.

The story is rooted in a report penned by Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty. She said that Apple is outperforming the PC market in sales growth, and this was before Apple released its new MacBook Pros in June. He said that Apple shipments were up 25 percent over April. In comparison, PC shipments for the same period were up only one percent.

The figures have been seized as proof that Apple will overtake Windows and other bizarre claims from fanboys. However while the figures are no doubt good news for Apple, they do not show anything of the sort. The PC market is much bigger and driven by company sales. Apple, with most of its pitch to the consumer market, is largely effected by company sales.

As companies wind their way out of recession they are only just starting to look at new PC sales. They will probably time these purchases when Windows 7 comes out to make sure that they have some future protection. Since this is unlikely to happen until October the fact that PC sales are at one percent and rising now is very good news for PC retailers.
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