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AllOfMP3 shut down by Russian government

by on03 July 2007


No more dodgy Russian MP3's


According to a story on TorrentFreak, AllOfMP3, the controversial Russian MP3 retailer has been shut down by the Russian government after pressure from the US.

With nearly 6 million users, AllOfMP3 was a sore thumb in the eye for the American music industry and the MPAA as they claimed that the site wasn't paying the correct fees for the music it sold online, but we think the 20 cent or less retail price per track was the real issue.

AllOfMP3 has been labeled as pirates and all sorts of FUD has been spread from the US about the site, who follow Russian regulations with regards to music sales and even paid the correct licensing authority.

Depsite all of this, the site has now finally been shut down and we can't do much else than feel sorry for all the people that now have to pay a premium to get their music from other sources, unless they now decide to skip paying all together.

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