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Intel CPU market share drops in Q1

by on10 June 2009


iSuppli crunches the numbers

to iSuppli researchers, Intel's lucky streak of processor market share gains has come to a stop.

In the first quarter Intel saw a 2.5 percent decrease in market share, for a total of 79.1 percent. In the same timeframe, AMD's share rose 2.3 points sequentially, to 12.8 percent.

“After losing share to Intel on a sequential basis during three out of four quarters in 2008, AMD managed to reverse the trend in the first quarter of 2009,” says iSuppli. Oddly, Matthew Wilkins, iSuppli’s principal analyst for compute platforms research, attributes the increase to strong performance in all areas of AMD's CPU business, particularly in notebook CPUs.

He goes on to praise AMD for turning around the trend in a horrible economic climate and weak PC and server markets. Wilkins also points out much of Intel's gains in 2008 can be traced back to the introduction of its cheap Atom CPU series.

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