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Microsoft will not dump Vista

by on05 May 2009


Will keep it on sale until 2011

Microsoft says
that it will not dump Vista when Windows 7 launches and plans to keep selling it to computer makers, system builders, volume licensees and consumers at retail until at least January 2011.

While this is the official policy, word on the street was that Ballmer's boys and girls wanted to see the back of Vista as a deep embarrassment. There were rumours that when Windows 7 came out that Redmond would pull Vista off the shelves. A Microsoft general manager hinted to the IDG News Service that the company might ditch Vista as soon as Windows 7 ships. He also said that support for all versions of Vista will end in April 2012.

However this is not true and Fudzilla's digging at the source of the rumour seems to indicate that it is based on the fact that Microsoft will drop support for the three consumer editions of Windows Vista in less than three years.

Sources in Redmond tell us there is a hope that Windows 7 will take away the bad Vista taste and people will forget all about it. This means that Microsoft has stock on hand for those who want a copy and it does not have the bad PR value of pulling it from the shelves early.
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