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Foxconn to pull plug on channel business

by on25 March 2009


Exclusive: The end is nigh

There have been a lot of rumours circulating Foxconn's channel business for quite some time, but it now seems like they're all coming true, as Foxconn has finally decided to pull the plug on Foxconn Channel which is the division that makes Foxconn's retail products.

Foxconn never quite got its retail motherboard business off the ground, despite several promising products, the channel division was plagued by production delays which resulted in disgruntled partners and potential customers.

Many products barely made it further than to the press release stage before being superseded by another product that promised more and better features. The products that made it out on the market were often not live up to their claims and weren't competitive enough compared to more established brands, both in features and pricing. However Foxconn did gain a following of enthusiast users on some of its high-end models that proved to be good overclocking platforms.

Despite all the problems that has plagued the Foxconn Channel division it'll be sad to see them go, not least for the fact that it means less competition on the market, but also because the latest generation of products had started to shape up and become quite a threat to some of the more established brands.

Our sources are telling us that Foxconn Channel will pull the plug in June, but we're not sure if this will be before or after Computex, but we doubt that Foxconn Channel will be attending the show. The staff has already been given marching orders, although we'd expect this to be a somewhat slow process until the division is closed altogether.

It might be a bad time to invest in a Foxconn motherboard right now, although we'd expect there to still be support for the current products for some time after the channel division has been closed, as Foxconn as a company will of course still be around.

We'll bring you more on this as and when we get more details.
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