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Maingear launches new system with Nvidia's 3D Vision

by on20 February 2009


Core i7 and Samsung's 22-inch SyncMaster

Maingear has announced a new Prelude 2 system, that will be bundled with Nvidia's 3D Vision glasses. In order for these 3D glasses to work Prelude 2 comes with Samsung's SyncMaster 2233RZ capable of delivering a 120Hz refresh rate and Nvidia's Geforce 9800GT card. All of this, including Intel's Core i7 processor, has a US $1,999.99 price tag.

The detailed specifications include Intel's Core i7 920 CPU clocked at 2.66GHz, Asus' P6T X58 motherboard, 3GB of DDR3-1066 memory, WD's 250GB Caviar SE16 SATAII hard drive, and of course Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision and Samsung SyncMaster 22-inch 2233RZ LCD monitor. All of this is neatly packed in a Lian Li case.

Of course, you can configure this system to include more memory, a better graphics card, but at a price tag of $1,999.99 you get a quite neat gaming rig. Nvidia's GTX 200 series card would be a better choice for this kind of system, but with a 22-inch display, the 9800GT should suffice, at least for some games.

You can find the new Prelude 2 here.


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