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Facebook Connect syncs up with iPhoto

by on30 January 2009


Apple gets social


Since it has been out for a week, the Apple fed press have been finding out how wonderful Apple's new photo management software is. The latest thing is that Facebook Connect has been hooked up to iPhoto. According to the Facebook blog, sharing your photos with the people you care about has become even easier with iLife '09.

Facebook platform manager Dave Morin said that users of iPhoto '09 can easily share and tag photos from iPhoto directly to Facebook. With help from Facebook Connect, photo tags from iPhoto '09 can be added to Facebook and generate Facebook notifications. Additionally, Mac users can update Facebook News Feed and alert friends anytime they update their websites using Apple's iWeb '09 application.

Oh joy that means if you are running a Mac and you have any friends you can automatically upload those pictures of you shaking hands with Steve Jobs or making love to you iPod, to your Facebook page friends. Of course you should make sure that those digital pictures you don't want revealed don't somehow end up on Facebook.

Last modified on 30 January 2009
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