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Illegal to hunt pirates in Sweden

by on14 June 2007

From 2008

After a court ruling in Sweden, it has now become illegal to hunt pirates. This follows a ruling by the highest court in Sweden as they've likened an IP address to that of the Swedish identity number.

Every person in Sweden is given an identity number at birth and this number is used for many things, but no-one is allowed to store these numbers, even though they're used for identification purpose during a purchase and so on.

It has now become illegal to store IP addresses in the same way, although the police and some other authorities in Sweden that works with crime related issues are still allowed to store IP addresses if they think a crime is or has been committed.

The infamous Antipiratybyrån (anti piracy bureau) will no longer be allowed to store IP addresses, although this won't happen until 2008 as the bureau has a special permit to store IP addresses until then.

You can read the full story here in Swedish
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