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Google's G1 invades Germany in two weeks time

by on20 January 2009


T-Mobile to flog it

Germany will
be the first continental EU market to get Google's G1 phone, courtesy of telco T-Mobile.

The Android phone has been on sale in the States since October, and in Blighty it's been available since November. We had a chance to see it and we can tell that the plastic looks cheap and that device overall is no match for iPhone.

Germany and Austria are scheduled to get it on January 31, and T-Mobile will apparently only offer it under a two year plan for a token price of €1. German T-mobile offers a lot of plan options and you can check them out here.

In Austria the device will sell for €99 but you will be bounded to pay €39 a month for unlimited calls and SMS messages to all Austria but only 1GB of data volume. You can already pre-order the G1 in Austria, here.
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