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Seagate launches 12th gen Barracuda

by on16 January 2009


500GB per platter

Seagate has
launched the new 12th generation Barracuda last week, and today the company posted specs for 1000, 750 and 500GB models on its site.

The new 500GB per platter drives feature a storage density of 329 Gigabits per square inch, and boast a sustained data rate of 160MB/s, compared to 120MB/s on the previous series.

Seagate also mentions 3-Gb/s instantaneous burst speed, and the 1000 and 750GB models feature 32MB of cache, while the 500GB single platter drive has 16MB.

A few listings for the 1TB drive popped up this morning, but we found no prices yet.

You can find the product page and spec sheet here.
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