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Safari 3 public beta

by on12 June 2007

Now for PC as well

Believe it or not, but Apple has released a public beta version of its Safari web browser for PC. The latest version, Safari 3, is according to Apple, meant to be the fastest brower in the west, or is that on the web?

Anyhow, it offers a wide range of features that we're all starting to take for granted these days such as a built in pop-up blocker, built in RSS reader, easy bookmark and a wide range of other things.

It's interesting that Apple is starting to develop more and more software for Windows, but considering that it is already running x86 chips and a FreeBSD derived OS, why not?

You can download your own copy of the Safari 3 public beta here and it is available for both Windows and OS X.

Last modified on 12 June 2007
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