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Jobs admits he has been under the weather

by on06 January 2009


Hormone imbalance causing much of the problem

In a strange reversal of course, Apple announced in press release that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been, in fact, suffering from a hormone imbalance that has been responsible for his weight loss, among other things.

The news that Jobs is experiencing some health issues and has decided to take some time to get well and spend time with his family should finally put an end to the massive amount of rumors that have continued to haunt both Apple and its stock.

The decision to go public also could help MacWorld, which has been suffering somewhat with attendees unsure if they should attend. The good news is that Jobs says that his doctors are on the case and that he should be able to get the health issues under control.

Jobs issued a strongly worded sentence in the press release from Apple that indicates he will be the first to tell the Apple Board if he can no longer serve as the CEO of Apple.

We wish Steve well and we are hopeful he is able to recover from this issue and move on. We would like to be the first to tell other media outlets that all that needs to be said about this story has been written; so let’s move on and focus on something else for a change.

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