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Employers Hate WoW Players

by on18 December 2008


Don't put it as an interest on your CV

It does not matter how proud you are of your 19th level Death Knight, under no circumstances list WoW as an interest on your CV.

One recruiter has already been told by an employer not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players do not have all their focus on the job.  Their attention is elsewhere and their sleeping patterns are often not great.

According to Alleyinsider, Headhunters generally warn WoW players not to mention their hobby on their CV, as many companies will just throw them in the rubbish bin. Some WoW people are under the mistaken delusion that employers will think their WoW addiction has taught them useful things, such as project management and social skills.

Employers apparently are not buying it and just think WoW players are simply a waste of space and will not waste company air by hiring them.

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