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ATI already tapped out a 40nm chip

by on12 December 2008


The game is on

According to our sources ATI has got its working silicon of 40nm next-generation chips, and we've learned that the company is happy with the first results.

This might mean that ATI is ahead of Nvidia in 40nm, and we all know by now that Nvidia has to win the 40nm round, as its reputation is in stake.

We don’t know much about the 40nm RVxxx chip, but we do know that it features should be based on RV770 fundamentals. You should see this new card as an improved, shrunken, higher clocked and faster RV770XT, but we still don’t know much more than that.

Nvidia might do the same, base the next gen 40nm on the existing GTx00 architecture that will naturally benefit from lower, voltage, higher clock and less heat.

Last modified on 13 December 2008
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