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iPhone more reliable than Blackberry

by on11 November 2008


If the fanboys don't drop them

toymaker Apple's phone gadget, the iPhone, is more reliable than the rival Blackberry, according to new research.

However, the research, carried out by U.S. warranty provider, SquareTrade, shows that the iPhone is more likely to be dropped or broken because it is too slippery for users. More than a third of all iPhone faults were caused by fan boys dropping the phone.

If it wasn't for phones that slipped out of your fingers like a bar of soap in the shower, the iPhone was more reliable than any of its competitors, the study concluded. The report was based on the failure rates for more than 15,000 new phones.

It said that in the first year of ownership, the iPhone had a 5.6 percent malfunction rate, half the rate of the Blackberry and one-third the rate of the Treo. The iPhone is projected to have a 9-11 percent malfunction rate in the first two years of ownership, compared to 14.3 percent for BlackBerry and 21 percent for Treo handsets.

The most reported problem was the glorious Apple Touch-screen which accounts for nearly one-third of all reported malfunctions. The report reveals how awful the Treo was in terms of reliability.  While hell would freeze over before we bought any Apple gear, it looks like the Treo has some serious long-term reliability problems.
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