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Taiwan companies are firing

by on10 November 2008


Scary movie

We learned that the general feeling in Taiwan is not that positive, as most managers are really concerned about 2009. Many companies are firing managers or are about to start doing that. They are also cutting their budget, especially for USA operations.

They are scared, and we are not surprised .as most of the word is scared about the outlook for 2009. The world economy will slow down and Taiwanese companies want to be prepared for the bad times.

Generally, it can easily happen that the number of computers sold in 2009 drops, simply as many people will realize that their two to three-year-old PC is still good for today’s operations and companies like Apple are really going to suffer due to the crisis.

There is not much space for an innovation in the music player space and many people will realize that their old MP3 player is still good enough and that you don’t need a new one in 2009. Taiwanese are trying to get ready for the bad winter.


Last modified on 11 November 2008
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