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New Mac Pros, iMacs, and Mac Mini soon

by on31 October 2008


Dates conflict, but Apple is up to something

Our Apple sources are starting to burn us up with news of pending new Apple releases now that the iPod and notebook announcements have been made. The problem is that none of our sources can agree on when it will happen.

A couple of our shadow dwellers from the land of Apple insist that Apple will break with tradition and we should expect an announcement of a new refresh of the Mac Pros at the Macworld Conference and Expo in January. Typically, the January event is a more consumer-oriented event, which makes this sound a bit strange, as Apple likes to stick with what they have done in the past.

In another strange twist, we are also hearing that we will see a launch for a revamped and refreshed iMac and Mac Mini on November 10th. Still, we would think that this would normally be the other way around, with the iMac and Mac Mini being launched at the Macworld Conference and Expo in January, as these are clearly more consumer oriented; but persistent sources are telling us that Apple would like to cash in on some holiday sales, and the chips for the Mac Pros will not be available in sufficient quantity until January so they have to break with tradition.

Clearly, we have juiced our Apple moles for more specifics, but it is clear with the recent Apple notebook announcements you have to expect the unexpected and much of what our sources are saying does seem to add up. Still, we have to be skeptical at this point because we have not enough evidence pointing the way to make an educated guess beyond saying that we are sure that Apple is working on refreshes for the Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini products and we expect something soon. The November 10th date keeps getting tossed around, but we will have to continue to dig to see what it will yield.
Last modified on 31 October 2008
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