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Palm brings out Foleo

by on31 May 2007

Fowhat for a thing?

Palm has announced its latest addition to its range of handheld devices, except this time it seems to have grown a little bit too large, as the Foleo looks more like a sub notebook.

It's a rather strange move by Palm, but the Foleo has some interesting features that might or might not be good enough to make it a popular product.

It won't replace a "real" notebook, but it does have Wi-Fi connectivity and it can be used for email and web access on the move. It also has Bluetooth and this is used to keep the Foleo synced up with your Palm Treo. The cool thing here is that any changed made on one device will be replicated on the other as soon as the two are synced.

The Foleo has a rather tiny 10in widescreen display, a full size keyboard, a track point with a scroll wheel between the buttons and a memory card slot. It's also got five hours battery life, which is pretty good, but not amazing. No other words on the hardware features and things like CPU, memory and even OS wasn't disclosed.

It's expected to cost US$599, but if you order one now, it'll set you back $499 as Palm is having a special introductury offer.

You can find out more about the Foleo here


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