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Beta for Vista SP2 in pipeline

by on28 October 2008


Slated to arrive next week for a select few

While Microsoft continues to focus on the future, news is starting to trickle out on the pending preview that will be released to a select group of Technology Adoption Program members of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.

According to confirmed reports Microsoft will be getting the Beta of Service Pack 2 for Vista out the door next week to this small group for initial testing. Our sources are indicating that Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista will add some new features this time around, including support for Bluetooth 2.1, Blu-ray recording abilities, enhancements to the WiFi support, and a new revised version of the Windows Search 4.0. No indication was given by Microsoft if SP2 for Vista will allow for the native playback of Blu-ray titles using the Windows Media Player under Vista.

While Microsoft continues to indicate that Windows 7 is on track for delivery prior to the 3rd quarter of 2009, Service Pack 2 for Vista still figures into the Microsoft plan, but no firm indication has been given as to when it is expected to be available to the general public for download. We would suggest that it will happen prior to the launch of Windows 7, but at this point no one can be sure given how fast things are moving with the development of Windows 7.

While Service Pack 1 for Vista was focused on addressing a variety of issues that plagued the operating system since release, this time around Microsoft knows that they need to do more than just patch bugs and fix issues like the UTC timestamp issues with the exFAT file system that continue to plague users.

We suspect that we will see Service Pack 2 for Vista sometime during the 2nd quarter, according to our sources. This, of course, makes sense with the upcoming release of Windows 7 projected for the 3rd quarter. Still, Microsoft will have its hands full to provide enough meaningful bug fixes and enhancements to make customers happy. Customer happiness and satisfaction with Windows Vista are necessary to prevent potential issues with the release of Windows 7, as many home users and enterprise customers have skipped Vista and will find it necessary to move to Windows 7 as Microsoft ends support of Windows XP.

Last modified on 29 October 2008
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