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Brick is a manufacturing process?

by on06 October 2008


Now said to be aluminum cutting process

The ongoing rumors about what exactly the new Apple “Brick” is seems to have been solved by one of our lurkers in the shadows. It seems that everyone got it wrong, as the “brick” is actually an aluminum manufacturing process that Apple will be using in the new MacBook, at least according to our sources.

The new “brick” process allows Apple to create MacBook casings out of bricks of aluminum using a combination of lasers and high pressure water cutting to build what can only be described as a seamless and screwless casing for the next generation of MacBooks.

We have attempted to get some additional information as to the possibility of this process and whether it could be done. Its cost effectiveness would be more in the numbers of MacBooks Apple thinks they could sell and at what price point they decide to target.

The process would not be cheap, and the machines required for the process as well as the finishing after the cutting would be expensive, as well. Of course, if Apple wants something unique and revolutionary this would be the ticket as it has the benefit of never being done before, but if this is the direction that they are headed, we predict that it will be expensive.
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