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Nero LiquidTV to be released soon

by on30 September 2008


Uses new TiVo PC interface technology

Nero is teaming up with the DVR folks at TiVo to introduce new software called Nero LiquidTV|TiVo PC. It is a marriage of two technologies that are being melded together to reproduce the TiVo experience and put it into your PC.

The Nero LiquidTV uses the TiVo interface to control your PC to be able to capture and record using your PC as the DVR. In addition, it offers the ability to export what you record to devices such as your iPod or PSP and you can burn the stuff that you record onto DVD.

Nero LiquidTV uses the TiVo interface and also supports all of the TiVo technologies such as Season Pass and Wish List recording. Of course, if your capture card supports it, you can record in standard or HD formats onto your PC. And a 12-month subscription to the TiVo service is included, but beyond that you will have to pay up if you want to keep using the TiVo service.

From what we can see, this looks to be the solution that many users who have been wanting to take the plunge and get into using their PC as a DVR on their TV have been waiting for. Still, you are going to want to have a look at the requirements and make sure that your PC meets the requirements necessary to support Nero LiquidTV, as we suspect that it will not work unless you have met the specs.

Last modified on 30 September 2008
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