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AMD launches Fusion brand

by on18 September 2008


A nice logo

AMD has
launched a small scale PR offensive in an attempt to promote its new Fusion brand. What is the best way to fight Nehalem when you don't have a CPU? OF course, you launch a new Logo about technology that might emerge in very late 2009, but most likely in 2010.

The tagline for it is simple: the future is Fusion. However, apart from promoting the Fusion concept, AMD isn't saying much about the actual future of the newborn brand. You can find out more on AMD's Fusion website, here.

The company has also launched the Fusion Gaming Utility which should allow for better performance and more tweaking options. The guys at Bjorn3D took it out for a spin and you can find their take on things here.

Here is the big picture.


Last modified on 19 September 2008
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