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New DVD-to-PC copy software 'legal'

by on08 September 2008


RealNetworks claims

RealNetworks is to release DVD-to-PC copying software today, claiming that it will make homemade copies of commercial movies perfectly legal. The movie industry has been fighting such software for years, but has lost every time. RealNetworks claims that it's totally legal based on those court cases.

Dubbed RealDVD, the $50 application from RealNetworks is licensed DVD software that saves a secure copy of a DVD to the hard drive without removing or altering the CSS encryption. It takes 10 to 40 minutes to copy a movie, which will then take 4 to 8 gig of space on your hard-drive. Saved DVDs are then encrypted and locked again to make sure they cannot be shared or stolen.

The software is being flogged as being legit. However, the Motion Picture Association of America said that it has just became aware of this in the past 24 hours and was still looking into it.
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