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Wikipedia controlled by politicians again

by on01 September 2008


So much for peoples encyclopaedia

Further proof
that the so called peoples encyclopaedia is under the control of politicians has come to light in the case of John McCains running mate Sarah Palin.

Until McCain announced that she would be his running mate it is fair to say that no one had heard of her. Then in the days before the announcement, the Washington Post noticed that her Spartan wikipedia entry was suddenly getting a make over. Apparently with a Wikipedia editors blessing Palin's page was being edited more frequently than those of other potential vice presidential candidates.

Her page was specifically garnering the attention of someone identified as "Young Trigg," who made numerous edits. Clearly the so called skilled editors at Wikipedia failed to notice that Palin's youngest child is named Trig and it was clearly a fit up job by Palins campaign staff.
The site is now locked to prevent poeple writing nasty things about her now that she is considered notable enough.

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