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Display shortage will have no effect on iPhone 6 sales

by on26 August 2014

Sources say they will sell everything that they can make

Sources we have spoken with who claim direct knowledge of the display situation for the iPhone 6 that Apple will be announcing shortly, say that any potential display shortage will not impact sales. Apple will still sell all of the iPhone 6s that it can make between release and the end of the holiday season.

As one sources told us, “It really does not matter, Apple will sell all that they can manufacture and because of the larger screen model, it is obvious that many users have been waiting to apple to release the larger screen and that alone will drive significant sales.”

It is still actually unclear if a real screen shortage exists for Apple or not. The company has not admitted to the existence of the iPhone 6, let alone suggest that they are going to have problems meeting the demand for it.

Still we believe that as is pretty much standard for Apple, they are going to be able to sell all of the iPhone 6s that they can get this holiday season. We will find out the specific on September 9th.

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