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DDR3 RAM gets its own SSD slots

by on05 August 2014

Making a tiny footprint

Apacer is developing DDR3 RAM sticks that have slots into which M.2 SSDs and CFast CompactFlash cards can be mounted. The idea is to use all the space which is possible in a smaller footprint and getting all the components to fit.

Apacer M.2 SSDs look like tiny sticks of RAM, have a little slot on the side that support all three lengths of M.2 SSDs. The slots use SATA III to transfer data via connectors on the top of each stick and they take their power from the RAM slot. The CFast cards are faster versions of the CompactFlash card.

Apacer does not seem to have any plans to flog its gear on the consumer and modification market. Most of its customers are OEMs and it is not clear if it has sold any yet. It is a pity because they could save a lot of space for those trying to fit a full on game rig into a small space.

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