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Update 5 said to optimize Titanfall performance

by on04 August 2014

Respawn delivers improvements, but still more remains

As we previously told you, Respawn says that the fifth update for Titanfall delivers some “yummy bandwidth optimizations… loving hand-crafted and squeezed into the game”, while these optimizations are currently only for the Xbox One and PC versions, it seems that more a chance remains for still more improvements. (We don’t know yet how or if the Xbox 360 will be able to leverage the tweaks in Update 5 for improvements to the Xbox 360 version or not, but we will not know till the Xbox 360 update 5 patch arrives for the platform in a few weeks.)

While Respawn is not quite clear on what all has been done and what performance improvements have been made, we do know that a number of bugs have been swatted and a number of tweaks have been made. As for frame rate performance, it seems that things have improved, but you might have a difficult time in noticing as the team at Eurogamer found out.

It also is not yet clear if the Respawn team is yet taking advantage of the gains that can be made by using the Kinect GPU reserve or not. While Respawn has talked about it, right now it isn’t clear if they are using it or this is coming that is still coming in the near future.

Recently there has been some whispers about the possibility of Respawn adding more granular tweaking that users will be able to do to the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall to teak the graphics performance to the user’s wants, but that continues to only be a rumor, we will have to wait a see.

From what we can tell, the dream of hitting a consistent rate of 60fps on the Xbox One remains difficult, possible in the future, but after reading this article we are forced to agree that it seems more optimization is necessary before Respawn will be able to achieve its goals. The good news is that it would seems that things are headed in the right direction.

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