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Sony forgets to pay for its domain name

by on17 July 2014 shut down

It appears that Sony made a mistake of forgetting to pay for the domain name of and its nameservers all reverted back to NetworkSolutions.

While the name was not publicly used, it was used for the nameservers,, which route users to SOE’s websites and forums, as well as connecting to its games. What seems happened is that expiration notices from NetworkSolutions have been going to an unread e-mail address at SOE for the last few weeks. The expiration for was set for 26-may-2014 and it seems Network Solutions gave them some serious grace period of seven weeks.

For some time,, and other SOE websites all seem to be loading “domain parked” pages full of advertisements now. EverQuest Next and Landmark Community Manager Colette “Dexella” Murphy released a statement at 5.30 am tweeted everything was sorted but there might be a few DNS problems for 24 hours.

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