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Bleszinski to end retirement

by on01 July 2014

Will announce new project next week

Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski has announced via his Twitter feed that he is ending his retirement and returning to the video games industry. After departing Epic in 2012, Bleszinski claimed that he was retired. Little by little after what might be best described as “recharging his batteries”, we watch as he seemed to once again be drawn back to the video game industry.

Back in December he talked about the possibility of future plans and the type of PC experience that he would like to work on. Now, he officially has announced via Twitter that retirement is at an end and details on his new project will be coming in the next seven days.

While Bleszinski has said the he will not be doing a game with a cutscene or scripted sequence ever again, we can assume that his new project will be a first person shooter for sure. He has hinted that it is the type of game that we cut our teeth on and it might be a proper arena shooter. These are the clues we have so far and it sounds like a new UT type title for the next generation.

Sources says that Bleszinski will announce his new studio next week along with a distribution deal for the title his studio will have in development. Sources tell us not to be surprised if the new title that is announced is a PC only release and Bleszinski opts to skip the console market this time around.

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