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Was Phantom Dust & Crackdown 3 enough?

by on13 June 2014

Apparently didn’t resonate well with everyone

Microsoft’s announcement that they were working on a new Phantom Dust and Crackdown 3, didn’t apparently resonate well with everyone. Many gamers that we have spoken with were unimpressed with these two announcements and would have much preferred an update on the first Gears of War title.

“I didn’t play Phantom Dust on my original Xbox and really have no desire to play a new version of it. While I liked Crackdown 2 and will likely play Crackdown 3, it is not the kind of titles that I would hope Microsoft would dig out of the closet for the Xbox One.”, one devoted reader told us.

Another analyst told us, “I liked much of what I saw at the presser, with Sunset Overdrive and Evolve looking like two very strong titles for the Xbox One. Not so sure that Phantom Dust and Crackdown 3 are what gamers are waiting for. There are much stronger titles from the old Xbox that could be made into something very special for the Xbox One and I am not sure Microsoft hit the mark with these two picks.”

The Master Chief Collection is going to be a hit on the Xbox One and a must own title. Sunset Overdrive looks like it will be a title that a lot of people are going to be talking about. Forza Horizon 2 also looked very good and it should be very playable. In the short term it looks to be enough and we have to say that we are more excited about the titles coming on the Xbox One than what Sony has to offer. For the games, we think Microsoft has a good line up going into the holiday season, but that alone might not be enough.


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