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Pirate Party loses ground in Euro election

by on26 May 2014

Not far right enough

The Pirate Party has taken a hammering in the elections for the European Parliament over the weekend. The party lost a number of seats and now has just one European Member of Parliament (MEP), thanks to German pirates. The German Pirate Party won 1.4% of the popular vote and sent 27-year-old Julia Reda to Brussels.

The Czechs almost pulled it off, but it just wasn’t enough. A total of 4.78% of Czech voters backed the Pirate Party and they were just over 3,000 votes short. The Swedes elected two pirate MEPs in 2009, but they did not re-elect a single one. The party won 7.1% in 2009, but now it managed to score just 2.2%. Luxemburg also had a decent showing, with 4.23% of the electorate backing the Pirate Party. 

A lot of European voters chose to elect right-wing nuts instead. As a result the Greek Golden Dawn party will have a seat in the European Parliament. We are guessing the Golden Dawn MEP will vote for just about anything, since these lunatics have a habit of raising their hand in the air, albeit in salute. 

The right-wing UKIP, which questions the science behind climate change among other things, did rather well in Britain. The French National Front won 25% of the vote. A few years back the party proposed to deport three million non-white people out of France and it believes Muslims are about to take over France. 

So, the Pirate Party clearly needs to reform itself if it wants to appeal to European voters. Adopting ultra-nationalist, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, pseudo-scientific, Islamophobic and xenophobic policies appears to be the way to go. Of course, that would not be the politically correct way of putting it. Nowadays racists and fascists prefer to be called Euro sceptics.

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