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Nintendo kills Wi-Fi functionality on Wii & DS

by on21 May 2014

An end to online modes for both consoles

While no one seemed to make a big deal about it back in February, Nintendo has made good on its promise to end Wi-Fi functionality for both the DS and Wii. That’s right, in case you were not paying attention, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for Wii and DS is no longer available.

The loss of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection means owners will no longer have access to online gaming modes, online match making, online leaderboards, and pretty much any other online functionality that titles had. Actually the list of games isn’t as long as you might think and most of the titles are games on the Nintendo DS, although several of the Wii games that are losing support are among the best of the games from Nintendo on the Wii console.

Nintendo has been nice enough to provide a list of the titles that are affected due to the loss of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection functionality. Which you can check out right here.


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