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Eee accessories next for Asus

by on25 July 2008


Drive sales with accessories for your Eee PC

Asus is more than a little pleased with the success of their sales of the Eee PC and now that the product has a couple of variations under its belt, it is time to accessorize.

Yes, that’s right: Asus is now planning an entire line of accessories for the Eee PC to extend the functionality of the unit. Some of the accessories will not really set the world on fire, as there have already been alternative versions available from other vendors that are compatible with the Eee PC since launch, but with Asus behind these accessories it should help sell Eee PC owners who want to stick with all Asus products.

Right now, some of the planned accessories include a DVD burner, an external hard drive, a USB TV-tuner and a Skype handset, but perhaps a 3G Cellular Wireless Internet card might be the accessory that could prove the most useful. As you would expect, these accessories will make use of the USB ports, so they will primarily be external devices, but it is through this that might change in the future with some sort of an expansion slot.

We don’t know if customers will flock to buy these accessories, but we can see a lot of people just buying them or bundling them with the retail purchase of an Eee PC.

Below is a picture of the DVB-T version of the TV-tuner and the USB Skype handset.


Last modified on 25 July 2008
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