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Video board partner rumors continue

by on22 July 2008


Too early to spot the defectors, we think

All of the talk today has been about AIB partners who are thinking about leaving, have already left, are considering the possibility of leaving, or have already cut a deal. The idea persists that Nvidia or ATI AIB partners are all looking for the exit to join project Larrabee.

While we have been working the phones and talking in the shadows, we just can’t find anyone that is willing to go on the record and admit that they have switched sides or will be switching sides. We do think, however, that it will be necessary for some AIBs to move to the blue side, but it is just a bit too early to see that happening.

One popular rumor seems to already have EVGA and XFX over in the blue column, and if that is true the timing of such a move is questionable. We still think we are a ways off from seeing the final product, and knowing that, it is good enough to compete with the best that the green and red teams have to offer.

We will suggest that you are going to hear more rumors of AIBs switching teams, as they all will want to cut the best deal possible with the landscape changing. Pretty soon you will not be able to tell the players without a score card. Every AIB is going to be looking for the best deal and consumers better hope that they are able to cut a good deal as we predict a price war among all three that will be one for the ages.

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