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Titanfall to get paid DLC as free stuff as well

by on06 March 2014

Will have a Season Pass DLC as we expected

As we told you in a recent story, we were correct in assuming that Titanfall would end up offering a Season Pass for the DLC releases for the game. What we did not yet know is that developer Respawn is also planning some free content releases as well.

Among the free content downloads that we can expect are enhancements like “Private Matches” which is one of the things that Respawn wanted in the game, but it didn’t make the initial release of the game. It will be one of the first things that we will see in the downloadables from Respawn.

While there will be free content, there will also be DLC content that will be sold. Players will have the option of purchasing a Season Pass which is a better deal and will include all of the content or they can buy it as it comes out at a higher price. Titanfall will NOT however include any microtransaction in the game.

As for the DLC support on the Xbox 360, that is still a bit of an unknown at this point. While we know that the free download content and the for sale DLC content will be coming to the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, things are a little more up in the air on the Xbox 360 version. Since Respawn isn’t handling the development of that version of the game, they can’t say at this point for sure if the Xbox 360 will get all of the same content. While the assume the answer will be “Yes”, right now it is more of a wait and see.

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