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Certification program coming for iBeacon

by on26 February 2014

Part of the “Made for iPhone” program

Apple is starting a new certification program for iBeacon as part of the “Made for iPhone” program. The news comes as little surprise as Apple has wanted to give iBeacon the push that it needs to get going and spread adoption of the Bluetooth LE based technology.

Third party manufacturers wanting to using the iBeacon technology will be able to submit their products to Apple for certification. As part of this process, Apple has released additional information such as the spectrum requirements necessary to assist manufacturers in building new products offering iBeacon support. Those that get certification will apparently be able to use the iBeacon branding for free as part of the program.

For those that don’t know, the iBeacon technology is best described as a way to communicate with the iPhone using micro-location based technology. Granular and targeted information can be sent to users via application notification or in-app content. For example if a user is at the grocery store, the user would have the ability to get daily specials or the store map beamed directly to their iPhone by being in the proximity of an iBeacon. Apple as well as Macy’s flagship store have been testing and using the technology.

As for the future of iBeacon, the best ideas are likely not even thought of just yet. By Apple giving iBeacon a little push we will find out what the consumer appetite is for this type of technology and if it is something that consumers will want to use or have access to.

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