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Password is no longer the most popular password

by on22 January 2014

Times are sort of changing

The world’s most popular password is no longer ‘password’ but before you think that everyone has become more security aware the top password is now ‘123456’.

According to an annual survey from mobile software developers SplashData, who have collated a massive list of the most popular passwords used online from the data revealed by high profile hacks in 2013. The main source for this year’s list was the cyberattack that hit Adobe in October, a hack that was originally thought to have targeted 2.9 million customers but was later revised to 38 million.

Password was relegated to second position, followed by ‘12345678’ in third place and ‘qwerty’ in fourth. Other favourites included ‘abc123’, ‘ letmein’ and let us never forget ‘111111’. A surprise appearance was also made by ‘trustno1’ – perhaps as a quiet rebuff to last year’s NSA revelations.

Our old password Biebermu$tdie and J0bsistheant1chri$t is not that popular so we feel it needs to be advertised.

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