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Surface RT 2 spec leaked

by on10 September 2013

1080p, Tegra 4

Microsoft has leaked a few juicy details about the upcoming Surface RT 2 tablet and the specs are hardly surprising.

The new Surface is getting a 1080p 10.6-inch screen and a Tegra 4 chip. It will have 4GB of RAM, too, along with a new two-step kickstand, reports Neowin. The OS is of course Windows RT 8.1.

It is a nice bump, but it really doesn’t address the biggest shortcoming, which is the RT ecosystem. Many vendors have ditched RT altogether and unless Redmond can somehow renew interest in the fledgling OS, it will flop.

Microsoft is expected to introduce the new Surface RT in late October, timed to coincide with the Windows 8.1 launch. There’s still no word on price. Microsoft could choose to stick with the current $349 price, or it might try to launch it at $499, like the first gen Surface RT.

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