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White Xbox One could be sold one day

by on28 August 2013

That would be way off in the future

Microsoft’s Major Nelson surprised readers by responding to a question on about the Special Exclusive White Edition of the Xbox One for Microsoft employees.

In the question, Nelson was asked if the white version of the console could see a release a some point to the public. Nelson’s response was surprising, “…maybe waaaay in the future.”

The positive reaction to the special edition white Xbox One has to have Microsoft thinking for sure. Since Microsoft has released so many special edition versions of the Xbox 360, we suspect that a possible release of the white Xbox One is possible at some point in the future, but we think first we will see the first Special Edition Xbox One consoles that Microsoft opts to release to support the release of a big title that will come as soon as mid-next year.

Initial rumors about the white Xbox One consoles being development kit versions has proved to be false, but Microsoft has said that it will be possible to turn any Xbox One in to a development kit unit using the Xbox One development kit. Of course we are still a bit hazy on how this might work.

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