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Rumour: HTC might ditch Windows Phone

by on14 August 2013

Poor sales, low market share

While HTC is trying to reinvent itself with a little help from Robert Downey Jr., the company also appears to be moving away from Windows Phone.

This is just a rumour and it comes from Digitimes, but it sounds plausible. HTC’s market share in the global Windows Phone market has dropped to just 5 percent. Samsung overtook it to become the second largest Windows phone maker, while Nokia still dominates the market with an 80 percent share.

All things considered, it makes sense – but we can’t be sure just yet.

HTC has a very long history in Windows Phone and Windows Mobile, so it might be the end of an era. The company still makes some competitive Windows phones – actually some punters believe it makes the best Windows phones out there.

However, HTC doesn’t have a lot of money and resources to throw around and it is possible that it will become an Android-only show sooner or later.

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