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Sony planning PS4 & Vita bundle?

by on06 August 2013

Rumors suggest it will cost about $500

Sony might be getting ready to announce a $500 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita bundle deal before the end of the year, according to a number of rumors. The bundle could help the Vita, which continues to struggle for sales, but is expected to get a boost from the release of the PS4.

The ability to stream games to the PlayStation Vita from the PS4 using its “Remote Play” streaming technology is expected to help the struggling handheld. Sony has indicated that games that don’t make use of any extra hardware such as the Move or Eye, will be supported by the Remote Play technology.

The bundle isn’t expected until close to the end of the year, if sources are correct. While it may cost about $500, if this is so this would make the bundle a good deal, provided they don’t strip other stuff out of it.

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