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Doom 4 apparently not dead yet

by on05 August 2013

id Software can’t talk about it right now

Doom 4 is apparently not dead yet, despite rumors that the game’s development had been halted. According to id Software technical director, John Carmack, during his Quakecon 2014 questions and answers session, he could not talk about it right now.

While Doom 4 was a no-show at Quakecon this year, the game is apparently still in development. The decision to announce the game back in 2007 was said to be an effort to attract new talent to the studio. We do know that as of 2011 the game was being retooled, yet the game is apparently still in development.

Of course, there is no news on when the game might be released or when we can expect an update. In the end, as it always is with id Software titles, it will ship when it is done, whenever that might be.

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